About Us

As a passionate team of individuals we strive to ‘to-be’ and ‘stay’ the very best in South Africa.


At Silent Hunter we understand our product and how it will work for you. Improve your hunting experience with our product and stop worrying about the little things, we’ve got you covered. Silent Hunter silencers are like no other silencer in the market, as they harness the latest technology in sound reducement and air flow, giving you a more silent product that works every time.

We know there are many different kinds of weapons for many different uses. With that being said, we cater for customized products as well, making your life easier and us more reliable. We are confident enough to share that we at Silent Hunter should be your first choice for all silencer purchases. Dont waste time, order your customized silencer through our order page and we’ll get right back to you.

Our Story

We’re proud to say that we started small and still are small, yet we pack a huge punch in delivering fast and building inventory.

Silent Hunter was founded in 2016 by Henk Viljoen and since has seen his business comes to life and surpass his expectations as a brand and formidable product in this ever-changing industry. 

Our Mission

We will always provide the same quality and the same affordable prices. We want to show the world just what a small South African business is capable of while we push innovation and pass all our competitors in price, value and the experience of Silent Hunter.  

Our silencer is the top selling No.1 silencer in South Africa. That responsibility doesn’t just happen, it takes time and dedication to your craft, while understanding the product and using it yourself.



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